VAL AIR Custom Painting was formed out of the need to get out of the
"working for a boss" world.  This business was always lurking in the shadows while I punched the 9-5 clock and after being laid-off a couple of times, I decided to pull
VAL AIR out from the shadows and turn it into a career.
I have been in business for myself for about 20 years now.  This was a hobby that turned into a full-time job, and I love what I do.  Sometimes it can get very hectic but it all pays off in the end.
I strive to give my customers what they want.......they may not always know what that is but that is why I am here, to design a paintjob that is unique to what they desire.  All it takes is a little idea.  The end result is what makes my job see the look on their face when their bland old paintjob is turned into
something eyecatching.
My philosophy is this..........its my work with my name on it, what people see in the paintjob is how they look at me as the painter.  If the job looks like shit, they will go somewhere else.  If it looks kick-ass and clean, hopefully they bring their
business my way.
Any questions or comments can be sent to me via my email address: